Wild Life Creations

Night Reflections

Caiman from The Pantanal , Brazil

Black Crown Night Heron

Black Crown Night Heron with nesting material.

Two Red Eyed Frogs

These two frogs were photographed in El Selva, Costa Rica.

Atalantic Puffin

Taken on our recent trip to Newfoundland

Atlantic Puffin

The Puffin was leaving the cliffs to head out to the open sea.


Taken as the curlew was beginning to take- off.

Playing With Mom

Two little grizzly cubs took time out to play with mom.

Resplendent Quetzal

This is the male Quetzal and as is in many species much more vibrant in color than the female. This was taken on a recent trip to Costa Rica.

Learning The Art Of Claming

Mother and cub are out for a morning of crabbing along the beaches of Katmai.

My Secret Place

Green violet eared hummingbird from Costa Rica. He found his own little secret place to rest.

The Thinker

This image of the Kodiak Brown Bear was taken in Katmai, Alaska. I have never envisioned a grizzly looking quite like this.

Weathering The Cold

This was taken just outside Cody , Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone. The winter months seem to enhance their beauty even more as their coats are thick to help them survive the rutal winters.

The King

This was taken in the Masai Mara on one of our trips to Kenya. I was mesmerized by this ones eyes.

On The Alert

This mother grizzly and her cubs were resting when something caught the mother;s attention and they all sat up and the mother raised her paw in preparation for what was to come next. She must have smelled danger or heard danger but we never say anything.

Mountan Fox

This is a portrait of one of the mountain foxes we photographed just outside of Cody , Wyoming on the route to Yellowstone

What Is It Mom ?

This is an image of a young cheetah and it's mom in the Masai Mara. We watched them for sometime as they interacted with each other . There is always a lesson to be learned.

Living On The Edge

This is an image of a little red dart frog from Costa Rica and they are poisonous. The common name for these little frogs is blue jeans .

I Just Want To Have Fun

This is an image of a juvenile burrowing owl. They love to play like all youngsters do and this one was no exception. It grabbed what looked like a piece of dried meat and the quickly ran and flipped over on his back just like a puppy and began to roll back and forth. It was hilarious to watch and a wonderful experience.

Showing Off

This was an image captured in Costa Rica. It was amazing to watch this little guy as he really appeared to be showing off for the camera !!! There are treasures everywhere.

Flicker In Flight

This was taken when a pair of flickers were nest building but unfortunately were forced to leave due to the invasion of the European starlings.

At The Watering Hole

Taken on one of our trips to The Masai Mara in Kenya. It amazes me that there are notwo alike !!!!!!

Fanned Tailed Ibis

This was taken late in the evening and the ibis were returning to roost for the night. With such gorgeous lighting just before sunset these birds really show off their incredible beauty. Because they are such a common species here in Florida it is easy to take them for granted.

On A Mission

This is an image of a mountain fox from Wyoming. It was taken on our way to Yellowstone and this one really seemed to be on a mission.

Beautiful Red Eyes

This was an image taken in Costa Rica and we were fortunate to see little guy this during the day since they are nocturnal and the flash can damage their eyes.

Sassy But Cute !

This image was taken at Katmai, Alaska. The young grizzly cubs were always putting on a show for us and doing what youngsters do best. I loved it when they both stuck their tongues out together. Sassy but cute.

The Great Migration

Taken in the Masai Mara during the time of the great migration. Such an incredible sight to see.

Do You Love Me ??

This little artic fox was photographed on our recent trip to Newfoundland , Canada. We found him nestled in the cliffs at Bonavista. As we sat down to watch him he just kept moving closer and closer until I could have reached and touched him. It was thrilling to know he had no fear of us and of course he new we loved him !!!!

Stepping Out

This image of the godwit in breeding colors was taken on an overcast day which is the reason for the high key.

Cross My Heart

This is another image from Katmai. We came across a sleeping grizzly along the beach and when he woke up he sat straight up almost like we would do. Then after a second or two moved off. It is so interesting to watch their behavior.

Green Crowned Billiant

Last November we wet to Costa Rica and I was thrillerd to see so many different species of hummingbirds. Ranging in quite a variety of sizes. This one was a very small one compared to the others we saw.

Leaving The Nest

The Great Blue Heron had just brought back nesting material and was returning to hunt for more. During the mating season these birds are a real pleasure to watch as are so many other species during the courting time.

O.K. Mom I Got It !!!

Sometimes learning can be tough. This little grizzly cub had just been scolded by it's mother . Taken in Katmai, Alaska.

Famly Portrait

These for little owlettes were quite interested in just who I was and their curiosity gave me a few moments to capture all four of the little juveniles looking at me. They ar great entertainers.

Refction Of A Spoonie

This is an image of a Roseate Spoonbill taken when the waters were still which made it possible to capture the reflection. They are such gorgeous birds and we are so fortunate to see them here in Florida. Theyn are wading birds and the water needs to be low to bring in the mud flats where they can forge for food.

A Second To Touchdown

This image of the Red Shouldered Hawk was taken as he was coming in to land on a large snag. They are such majestic birds and it is always a thrill to get a close glimpse of them in aftion.

The Courting Has Begun

This image of the reddish egret was taken at courting time and they really put on quite a show with their strutting and dancing around to attract their partner. This one was particularly proud !!!

Big Welcome To All

This osprey image was taken at Blue Cyprus where the ospreys come each year to nest and to hae their young. It is a paradise not only for the wonderful bird population but also for it's incredible beauty.

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is the common name for this frog from Costa Rica. We found and photgraphed this frog in the area around Arenal, Costa Rica.

Intent Eyes

This image was taken of the mountain fox on one of our trips to Cody , Wyoming. He was so intent on looking up at something that it gave us a great opportunity to photograph him. They are so beautiful and epecially during the winter months when their coats are thick.

Love Is In The Air

This is a sequel to the previous post of the reddish egret courting. They are so beautiful and so graceul and incredible to watch. I felt it a true privelge to have witnessed this moment.

Hair Spray Anyone ?

Could not resist ths image. This male anhinga just seemed to be posig in the hopes that I would see hm and take his picture. They are partiuarly beautiful durig mating season when theireyes gets a beautiful bright turquoise ring around it. Never a dull moment in the nature.

Backyard Treasure

We found this little guy nestled in some star fruit one morning. I am not sure why he chose this particular spot to hide but when taking a closer look I found three and that happened for the next several of days. They are just a little bit larger than a quarter.

Clamming Around !

This littlle grizzly cub looked like he was doing his morning push-ups but in actually he was looking for clams !!! They never gave us a moment without something to smile at. Theyare adorable and so hard to believe that they could actually one day be dangerous.

Fishing At Sunset

The reddish Egret White Morph was captured fishing just minutes before sunset. They are so beautiful and with the setting sun they took on almost a pinkish color.

King Of The Serengetti

The lions found in the Serengetti region often have black manes where as the male lions from the Masai Mara are much lighter in color and more on the blond and brown side. We saw this big male late in the evening as the sun was beginning to go down. He was wonderful to see and watch and he appeared as though he had been in a few battles in his life. What a treat it was to see this great cat.

Emerald Eye Leaving The Nest.

The cormorants had been busy building their nests and this image was captured as one headed off for more nesting material.

Under Mom's Protection !

This image was taken from a boat near Katmai , Aaska . As we were passing by and the mother grizzly was cautiously watching us and the baby huddled in close to it's mom for protection. We quietly kept going so as to not cause them any undue alarm. What a great moment to see. The mother was obviousy an older sow and had previous encounters by the looks of the scars on her face and also the loss of facial hair made her look older.

The Great Hunter

We had been watching this red shouldered hawk on a snag when he suddenly took off and flew into the tall grasses. Next we saw him imerge with a big snake. They are fast and and within seconds he was gone carrying this large snake wrapped aroud his leg. A thrill to see !

Rufus Collard Sparrow

This image was taken in Costa Rica. There are many of them there but we did not see them so we were thrilled when we had the opportunity to photograph this one. They are quite beautiful and very active little birds. We are leaving today to return to Costa Rica and will be there for a week. Have a great week everyone we will miss you all.

Golden Eye !

This particular frog was a new species for me and I was quite taken by his beautiful coloring and the incredible Golden Eye. The rainforst of Costa Rica is the home to so many beautiful species and this was no exception.

Little Gem From Savegre

The hummingbirds from the mountains of Savegre were so beautiful and this little one is called the white throated Mountain Gem. It was definitely a place that one could spend hours photographing these little treasures from Costa Rica.

Glass Frog

This image was taken last week in La Selva , Costa Rica. I had heard of the glass frogs but never had had the opportunity to see one. They are just amazing and you really can see through them. It was a very special time photogrphing these beauties and a real privelge to see them.

Female Resplendent Quetzal

Captured this image up in the mountains of Savegre, Costa Rica where the Quetzals come down during the month of November to feed on the small avocados. This female was just spewing out the seed of the avocado when this was taken. They are not the same variety of avocados that we eat but a small one about the size of a small lime . Such a incredibe species to see.

Treasure In The Garden

This image was captured at Arenal , Costa Rica where the large volcano is. /the gardens around Arenal are filled with beautifu humming birds and there are many species there that you will not see in other parts of Costa Rica. They are so numerous that I am not positive butI believe this one is The Bronze Tailed Plumeleteer.

Beautiful But Poisonous

This is an image of the green and black frog from Costa Rica. It is a poisonous frog and we were advised to not touch it. I found them extremely difficult to photograph as they always appeared to be a tad soft. The edges lof this frog are rounded slightly to givet the appearance of a soft rather than sharp edge. They are about the size of a quarter and really quite beautiful to see.

Female Purple -Throated Mountain Gem

This was taken up in the Montains Of Savegre, Costa rica. They are a very small hummingbird and very active They always seem to be chasing the ohter humminbirds away. Definitely very fiesty little guys. It was such fun to watch them .

Head On

This is an image of a praying mantis taken in La Selva, Costa Rica. Using a very shallow depth of field we were able to focus and capture the head while keeping the rest of the mantis faded out into the background. They are muc larger than the ones we find here and have a slightly different head.

Queen Of Savegre

This is an image of the female Resplendent Quetzal taken up in the mountains of Savegre, Costa Rica. Although the male is far more colorful and has the beautiful long tail the female has a very quiet and lovely beauty all her own. She is really quite gorgeous but because they are so often found in the dense trees it is not always easy to capture her true beauty.

Rufus Tailed Hummingbird

This is another image from Costa Rica taken in Laguna. There are so many species of hummingirds in Costa Rica that it can become quite confusing but I believe I have named this one correctly.

Scarlet Beauty

The is was an image captured during our recent trip to Costa Rica. What a thrill it was to see this beautiful scarlet macaw flying about freely . They are a magnificent bird but their beauty is even more obvious when their wings are spread wide and you can see the wonderful tail feathers and if you are able to see the topside the gorgeous bands of red , yellow and blue. What a privelge it was for us to see them in the air. If you did not see them you were sure to hear them !!!!!

A Magical Place

Blue Cyprus is a beautiful and magical place to visit with the wonderful spanish moss falling from the trees . You feel you have been taken away to some mystical far away land. During the spring months it is busy with ospreys building their nest and feeding their young but it is also very beautiful pearing through the fog at the hundreds of old cyprus trees. What a awesome morning it was.

Royals Honeymooning On The Beach

This was taken last spring when the courting of the royal terns was in full swing. They are such beautiful and interesting birds and especially during the courting season . The male will dance around and bring his desired lady a gift of a freshly caught fish and it is jut wonderful to watch.

Hang On Buddy

This is another image of the green poisonous frog frog fom Costa Rica. This image was captured as he attempted to climb up the edge of a leaf. It is amzing what they can do and he did make it !!!!

Little Bright Eyes

This was taken in the gardens of Savere in Costa Rica. There are so many species of hummingbirds that look quite similar that I have not been able to definitely I.D. this little beauty. They are constantly moving from flower to flower all day long and their energy was truly amzing. Would love to have been able to tap in on some of it.

I Only Have Eyes For You

The red eyed frogs were one of my favorite to photograph on our recent visit to Costa Rica. Their eyes are so large for their bodies and so rounded that you are captivated by them The use of flash would damage their eyes so they must be photographed in the daylight which makes it difficult since they are basically nocturnal. They were a real tresure to see.

Coming My Way

Captured this beautiful green violet ear hummingbird flying towards me. This is another image from 'Savegre , Costa Rica.

Little Gem

This is a white throated mountain gem. they are one of the smaller hummingibrds and very active little birds. They do not let the big ones push them around when it comes to feeding. A real joy to watch.

Where Is Everybody

This litle baby howler was so fightened and lost and it was all I could do to not rescue him but his parents came back after about fifteen minutes so all ended well

Baby Least Bittern

This was taken in the wetlands of Delray Beach and when the baby bitterns were just venturing out in to the world. They are such wonderful little babies to watcth and we were thrilled to capture them out in the open.

A flaming beauty

Thisn is an image of a flame colored tanager photographed on our recent trip to Costa Rica. Their flaming beauty can be seen darting amongst the trees and the color is quite unique, I it is not a red but more an orange red . Different from anything I had seen before. The female is more on the yelllow coloring so they are very easy to identify.

On The Prowl.

This is an image of a baby bobcat. They learn at an early age to be on the prowl for anything intereting. Whether something to play with or just their natural curiosity. They truly are such beautiful little creatures and their eyes run a close second to the eyes of the leopard. Such a gorgeous blue and so bright. It was a great moment when we had the opportunity to see these babies.

Coat Of Many Colors

This is an image of the magnificent hummingbird from Savegre, Costa Rica. they have many different colors in their feathers but unless the sun is hitting this just right you are not always able to see them. What a wonderful little piece of art they are and a great pleasure to watch.

Coming From Behind

This is an image of a wid bobcat kitten taken a couple of days ago. There were four kits ranging in varying sizes from big to the littlest runt . They were indeed too cute.

Honey Look What I Found

The great blues are beginning to build their nest and it is always a very exciting time ofyear. To see them working so hard and their beautiful courtship is always a real privelege to see,

Feeling Small

Tis is nage of a Green Crowned Brilliant taken on one of our trips to Costa Rica. They are smaller than some of the other hummingbirds but very active and so beautiful. This image gives you an idea of how really small they are.

Tails Up

This little baby bobcat came in so close that I almost lost him in the frame. I had a 300 mm lens with me and the folowing day I took the 70 to 200 mm as it was much more versatile. The mother has relocated them and they have not been seen for a few days. We are all praying that they are safe. It definitely was a day I will never forget

Can You See Me Now ???

The little bobcat kittens were so much fun to watch and they really captured the humor in life. I can not help but smile everytime I look at this image. They are so innocent and so happy !!!! I love them.

Bottoms Up

This is an image of a little juvenile burrowing owl. He had just come out of his burrow and was stretching. They are such characters to watch and are always doing something. They are little clowns

The Proud Mother Of Four

This is the mother bobcat of the recent baby bobcat images that I posted. She is so beautiful and so regal. She was taking time out to rest as I am sure four little bobcat babies keep her busy both in their demands for food and also they love to play. It was awesome to have a moment to just look at her as she truly is magnificent.

Just Landed

This was taken just as the female ruby throated hummingbird was landing. they do not hae the brilliant color of the male but have a special beauty all of their own.

The Fisherman

The reddish egrets hae been a long time favorite. Not only are they beautiful but they usually put on a show if you are fortunate enough to see them up close. During them mating season their colors are beautiful . Their beak becomes a wonderful pink and purple color as well as their mane feathers become a rich red color. They are a real treat to watch as they begin their fishing for the day.

The Eary Morning Crabber

This is an image of a yelloow crown night heron who was up early in the morning in serch of crabs before all the people arrived at the beach for the day.


The sun was setting and there was a pink glow when this image was captured of the male and female whistling duck together.

Climbing To The Top

This image of the red eyed frog was taken on our recent trip to Costa Rica. They are so beautiful and such a wonderful and great subject to phtograph. As I had mentioned earlier flash will damage their eyes so they must be captured in natural lighting.

On The Alert !

This is an image of a male least bittern. They are much more colorful than the female and usually come to Southern Florida in the late spring to have their babies and then they leave until the following spring. I had posted earlier a image of one of their babie.

Landing Gear Down

The image was taken just as the black bellied whistling duck was coming in for a landing. The feet were poised ready to land.

Late Arrival

The spponbill in this image was returning forthe night just before the sun went down. They are always beautiful to see but the golden light at sunset emphasized it's beauty even more.

Born Free

These are some of the wild horses we photgraphed just outside of Cody, Wyoming. It was a cold cold day when Fab and I walked in search of the wild horses. They are very timid but once they got used to you and had no fear they would come quite close. My heart soared to see these magnificent creatures running freely. A day I will never forget.

One , Two, Three , Go

This is an image of an Atlantic puffin taken on our trip to Newfoundland, Canada this past summer. Weather conditions can be a bit challenging but well worth the effort to see these little clowns of the sea.

Returning To Roost

This was taken late in the day when the cattle egrets and ibis return to roost forn the night. It is a beautiful sight to see and always amazes me. They are just like clock work . Same time , same place every night.

Almost There

This is an image of the great Blue Heron bringing in nesting materail. It was late in the evening and the light was awesome and we fortunate that they were working late.

Resting Thorntail

This tiny little hummingbird is the male green thorntail. It is one of the smaller of the hummingbirds and it took me quite sometime to capture him as he did not seem to rest much or at least somewhere where I could photograph him. I was intrigued by his round puffy little body since many of the other hummingbirds are more elongated.

Treading Softly

This tri-color heron was busy fishing when this image was captured. They are incredible birds to watch and one is never disappointed with their performance. I will be out of town for the next two weeks but I wish all my dear friends here at 500px a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy ,Healthy, New Year with lots of great photo ops.

Caught With A Mouthful

One of the images taken last summer on our trip to Newfoundland , Canada. They always make me smile !!!!! The Atlantic puffin is always a real joy to see.

A Splash Of Orange !

This baltimore oriole was photgraphed in the forests of Costa Rica. The splash of color caught me eye and fortunately he waited around long enough for me to capture a couple of images before flying off again.

Little Treasure

The Scrub Jay is a beautiful addition to the Florida wildlife but unfortunataely it's population is dwindling and perhaps in not the too distant future it could become extinct. What a pity it would be as it is truly a treasure to see.

A Blaze Of Color

This was taken at the Famous Longwood Gardens in Pa. during the Christmas Holidays. The beauty that surrounded us at Longwood was overwhelming and one hardly knew where to begin. The hard work of the gardeners was truly appreciated by all. An experience of a lifetime.

Almost There !

This little green crowned brilliant hummingbird was captured in the mountains of Costa Rica. There were such a plesure to see and one could sit for hours watching them fly from flower to flower.

Montezuma Strikes again !!!

First caption that came to mind. There are three species of Oropendulas in Costa Rica. The Chestnut-headed, The Crested nd the Montezuma. They are such beautiful birds and they make a lot of noise when flying so you are quite aware that they are coming and have time to prepare.

Captured At Take Off

The American Bittern is quiet and elusive and a real challenge to get out in the open. Fortunately this one was cooperative and I was able to capture a few images before he took off.

Are You Looking At Me ?

The burrowing owls have long been one of my favorites to hjotograph and this particular day there was one who decided to find refuge is a nearby tree. Since I was accustomed to seeing them on the ground it was a real treat to see them up at eye level.

Altercation In The Sky

The skimmers were busy protecting their babies of varying ages and these two for some reason got in to it in the sky. What a sight it was to see.

Turning Back !

These little frogs are so beautiful and whenever there is an opprotunity to photograph them we are thrilled. They seem so gentle and one could easily get carried away taking picturest of them but we always try to limit the time so as not to stress them.

Such A Beautiful Cross

This is the result of the Great Blue Heron and the White Heron mating. What a beautiful result. It was the first time I had seen he or she and it has been sitting on a nest for the past couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see the babies. It mated with a great blue heron so it may be less noticable this time.

Almost !!

The tricolor had been fishing when he captured ar almost captured this little fish. He almost seemed to have a surprised look when he did not quite catch it.

Action At The Rookery

The spoonbills have been quite active lately and this image was taken as the spoonbills were coming in to roost for the night. They are so beautiful and their color really lights up the sky.

Perch With A View

This is an image of a green violet eared hummingbird from Costa Rica. It was taken in the gardens near our hotlel in the mountains of Sevegre.

About To Land

The skys are so beautifu in the evening just before sunset and a wonderful time to capture the birds coming in to roost. This image was taken just as the ibis was about to land.

Female Pintail Taking Flight

This is an image taken last week of a female pintail taking off. We have hundreds of these beautiful ducks here in Florida as they are for a short time during them winteer months, The male is more striking but she has a quiet beauty all of her own.

Juvenile In Flight

This is an image of a juvenile Black crown night heron captured in flight. They are seldom seen during the day as the ar basically more active at night but on occasions we get lucky.

Making The Turn

This image was captured last week as the roseate spoonbill was making the turn to come in for a landing. They never disappoint us with their beauty and grace.

Marbled Godwit At Dusk

This was taken late in the day and the sky wass golden and this marbled godwit which I had seen off in the distance flew past me and it was really a grab shot. they are so beautiful and especially when they have they are sporting their mating colors.

Hey Wait For Me

This roseate spoonbill was the last of a group of spoonbills coming in to land on the mud flats. This pose made me smile becuse I could imagine what he was thinking. Hey wait up you guys.

Both Talons Full

This was taken last week as the osprey was swooping down on the mud flats to pick up some of the grasses and mosses left behind when the tides had gone out.

The Little World

This image was taken in Costa rRca and I aam not sure the exact name of this little creature . What fascinated me was his great camoflage. His coloring totally blended in with his surroundings and except for the eye youn coud hardly see him

Running Wild

The wild horses of Wyoming just outside of Cody were one of the highlights of my photography adventure. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world to see animals free and living without any retrictions.

Bright Eyes

This beautiful mountain fox of Wyoming just stopped long enough to give us a few rare opportunities to capture him posing . They truly are a beautiful animal and we were thrilled to see hi.

The Fledgling

This is a juevenile great horned owl that had just left the nest for the first time and was beginning to try his wings. What a great treat it was to follow the progress of this young owlette from birth until it flying left the nest.

Just Landed

This is an image of a blue heron that had just landed on a near by snag., Although they are not colorfulthey have a very elegant beauty all of their own.

Early Morning Stroll

This little sanderling was captured as he leisurely strolled along the beach at Fort Desoto.. Shorebirds have always and been fascinating to me and a real joy to watch as they busily go about their .business.


This image of the white pelican was taken last week. The water level was low and many of the pelicans came in closer to shore to fish. This gave us a great opportunity to capture them closer and with great reflections.

Walking On Water

This little blue heron was captured just as he had came into land near the mud flats. He appears to be almost walking on the water.


Captured this white pelican just at touchdown. They are amazingly graceful for such a big bird.

Red Eyes

This is an image of a red breasted merganser. The female is much lighter in color. We were fortunate that they came quite close to shore and that the waters were very still.

Flying High

This is an image of a male pintail taken yesterday in central Florida. It is full frame and no cropping.

Seeing Double

This is an image of a reddish egret i. They spend much of theirtime fishing and this one is posed and ready to strike.

A Little Side Kick

This is an image of the lesser scaup. The lesser scaup and the greater are very similar and sometimes it is hard to tell them a paart. They are a beautiful duck and the golden eye really pops against the black head. This one was travelling alone so I followed him for some time.

The Statue

This reddish egret was standing so still that it truly looked like a statue. In another few weeksit will be i fullmating color and they are so beautiful. Interesting how nature dresses them up in brighter colors so as to attract a mate.

Flying Lady

Captured this image of the female shoveller just after she took off . She is not as colorful as the male but still very beautiful.

Following Her Mate

This female pintail took off after her partner. They seem to stay quit close to each other one the choice has been made3. So fascinatng to watch their behavior at this time of year.

What Are You Looking At Mom ?

This image was taken in Katmai, Alaska when we were photographing the grizzlies and their young. Hard not to want to hold one of these little cuties.

I'm So Pretty

The pose of this beautiful avocet made me think of the caption. It appears so proud and so pretty. They come down for a short time in the winter months to Florida and then leave. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to photograph them as they are usually to far out in the water . This year the water level was lower making it possible to capture them close to shore.

Soft Touchdown

This is an image of the roseate spoonbill just coming in for a landing early one morning. They are quite a large bird but still very gracefull and amazing to watch.

Oh No !!!

Took this a few days ago while I was watching a reddish egret fishing. Unfortunately he missed this one. You could almost see the look of shock on it's face.

Only The Two Of Us

Captured this image just after tthe female and male pintail took off for other feeeding areas.

Landing Gear Down

This is an image of a juvenile Black crown night heron taken vey early in the morning as he was coming in for a landing. It is always a thrill to see them in flight as the are such elusive birds.

White On White

This image was taking this week over on the west coast of Florida. The egrets were busy courting and building their nests. The evenings were a wonderful time to capture them when they were coming in to roost.

Leaving The Rookery

There were several black crown night herons at the rookery and it was a wonderful opportunity to capture them flying back and forth. They are more elusive in our area and not often do we have the chance to see them out in the open.

The Eye

The Female and the male anhinga are particularly beautiful at mating time . the eye turns a beautiful blue color on both during this time.

The Display

It is that time of year when the great white egrets begin their displaying to attrat a mate. The beautiful long feathers that they have at mating time are so beautiful and to the elegance of this already beautiful bird.